Dump Ministry Overview

At the "Basurero" (Dump) in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Mexico, 45-50 families reside.  They spend their days going through garbage to find recycling products like plastic and aluminum.  Many of you might ask why they live there.  It is a cycle, and it is all they know.  The parents were raised exactly the way they are raising their own children.

The kids are trained to work at a very young age.  Thankfully, there have been churches that have stepped up to help.  How?  They built a schoolhouse.  They brought the school to the dump!  In an effort to change the cycle, and give the children a chance....with an education.  The challenge in the beginning was the parents needing the kids to work, and not allowing them to go to school.  Now, the school offers the children 2 meals a day when they go to school.  The growth and attendance speaks for itself.  They now have 60 kids from the dump attending school.  We attended the 2017 graduation, and it was so special.  The children were so proud.

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The Reality in a day of life at the Dump


Children who live at the dump

Sorting Garbage

Sorting Garbage

Housing - they build their own shelter.


Entire families work and live at the dump

Tony and Mayra

Tony and Mayra

Tony and Mayra.  These 2 have been a blessing to these children.  They work as teachers at the dump, and provide an education to these children that would have had no other chance to change the cycle.  As mentioned above, the kids are fed 2 meals per day when attending school. 

Tony and Mayra are paid by donations, that are generously provided through 2 donors.  All of the food provided is also through donations.  Our goal is to help provide for this mission.  Things that are needed, are food, school supplies, and clothing.  Tony and Myra also have a dream to build a shelter (safe house) for the dump where families can have real shelter.

We invite you to take a look at the video below, to get a better understanding of the needs here.

School Children at the Dump

School Children at the Dump

Children of the Zihuatanejo Dump Video